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Christmas Wreath Made By Me

During the holiday’s I love making wreaths for the special occasion or holidays especially for Fall and Winter. This series I will be sharing with you how I get ready for the holidays. The first series of the Christmas with Me I will be showing you how I made this beautiful wreath that you see on the (right.)

The picture on the (right) you see that I added some baby breath, pine cone, gold flowers and red berries to the wreath. The last touch is the bow that I made at the top from ribbons I had in my collection and the small lights that I bought off amazon.

First get you a plain wooded wreath you can buy them at your local craft store. Next, I got some greenery that I had left over from other projects that I did previous and I just used that in my wreath.

This greenery is from an old Christmas Tree that I use to have a long time ago. I just used wired cutters to cut the steams off each one. Picture on the (right). The greenery on the left is from a wedding arrangement that I did earlier this year.


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