february Newsletter

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Hey Friends,

February is here and it is time to make new changes and plan goals. While in the midst of all of that it is also time to plan safe events and parties as well.

I know things are a little scary at the moment, but on My Life As A Mom we have so much in store to ease your mind and to keep you safe for the New Year. I know we love our get together with our friends and family and since things are still little scares with all of the covid-19 going on why not have a little get together virtually.

This way everybody is social distancing and still taking it safe. Also, February is Black History month where we celebrate our history and all the black excellent of our time. Come join me on My Life As A Mom where I share with you some of my favorite idols and their history with you.

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5th – Essential Oil of the Month

7th – Art of the Month

8th – Book of the Month

11th -Essential Wax of the Month

12th – Flower of the Month

16th – Powerful Prayer

18th – Make-Up of the Month

22nd – Skin Care of the Month

27th – Cookbook of the Month

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Overview Sunday Out Every Sunday

See you at my next post

~xoxo My Life As A Mom

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