MY Life As A Mom Overview Sunday

December 6th – 12th

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The Overview

I want to introduced you to the new series Book Conversation over Wine Book Club. This series is about have good conversation over a great book with a glass of wine of your choice. Book Conversation over Wine Book Club is all about getting together with great friends and family discussing a great book that y’all read with a glass of wine.

Join me for a glass of wine and great conversation in Book Conversation over Wine Book Club. See you there!!

Also give back to a great cause click on the link below to learn more.

Winter is around the corner and whats not better then having some comfort food and that warms the belly and soul. All month long My Life as A Mom will be sharing delicious soups and stew all December Month Long to help you make delicious one pot meals during the cold seasons.

The Holiday’s are around the corner where the seasons are getting colder and its time to take out the hot chocolate and sit by the fireplace. I know this year has been a little off due to Covid and everything is a little different at the moment. Please know that My Life As A Mom wants you and your family to be safe and stay well but also have a great holiday season. This December month issue I will be sharing with you new Winter decor, recipes new and old, art of the month, book of the month and so much more. December issue will give you all the insight you love and more to enjoy during this Winter season. So please enjoy the NEW issue of My Life As As Mom Issue.

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  • December 7th – Art of the Month
  • December 8th – Book of the Month
  • December 11th – Essential Wax of the Month
  • December 12th – Flower of the Month
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~xoxo My Life As A Mom

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