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Editor’s Note

Hello Friends,

I know it’s been a tough time at this moment where everything has been shut down and we are home with our family and love ones due to the COVID-19. Just know that no matter what we are all in this together making it one day at at time and keeping each other safe and sound while at home. Summer is around the corner and My Life As A Mom is ready for what the summer is about to bring. I have a lot in store for you and I hope to see each and everyone of you at my blog for all the things that is coming this Summer.

What to look for?

My Life As A Mom Digest

May 2nd

Upcoming in May

  • May 10th – Mother’s Day
  • May 11th – Essential Oil of the Month
  • May 12th – Flower of the Month
  • May 16 – Powerful Prayer
  • May 18th – Make up of the Month
  • May 22nd – Skin Care of the Month
  • May 25th – Memorial Day
  • May 27th – Cookbook of the Month

May 1st – May 8th

May 11th
May 12th

May 16h

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is around the corner here are some gift ideas to get your Mother for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

See you at my next post

~ xoxo My Life As A Mom

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