Wine for Every Occasion

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Hey Friends,

Wine is celebrated in every occasion you can think of like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, house parties, baby shower, bridal shower, dinner party and more. Wine can also be a great gift to give to a friend or family member when you don’t know what to buy them for that special event. If you or a friend is looking for some delicious wine to buy or looking for some wine that you have never taste before and want to try something new. Go order your wine or wines from The California Wine Club. They have a variety of different wine for local and unheard winery around the country and you would not be disappointed at all.

Please Join The California Wine Club

Now, the popular Pacific Northwest Series is available as an every-month club, formerly only available every other month.

The California Wine Club’s Pacific Northwest Wine Club series

Premier Series members have access to a “secret menu” where The California Wine Club picks up the shipping tab if shoppers choose to receive four bottles in each delivery. This was previously only available as an upgrade to existing memberships. This offer does not apply to gifts.

The California Wine Club’s Premier Series, the most popular of all the clubs.

Try a Club Membership and Get 2 Extra Bottles in 1st Delivery with Code TWOEXTRA until 6/30. Does Not Apply to Case Club Series.

Take 15% off Wine Portion of Gifts with Code TREAT15 until 6/30. Does not apply to case purchases or Case Club Series.

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