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Week of January 10th – 17th

Essential Wax of the Month

January 11th

Flower of the Month

January 12th

Powerful Prayer

January 16th

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Wine for Every Occasion

Wine is celebrated in every occasion you can think of like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, house party, baby shower, bridal shower, dinner party and more. Wine can also be a great gift to give to a friend or family member when you don’t know what to buy them for that special event. If you or a friend is looking for some delicious wine to buy or looking for some wine that you have never taste before and want to try something new. Go order your wine or wines from The California Wine Club. They have a variety of different wine for local and unheard winery around the country and you would not be disappointed at all.

Get 50% off First Month when You Join a Club Level. Valid 1/1/-3/31.

Shipping on Us for Premier Series 3-month Gift Featuring 4 different bottles (two different white wines and two different red wines) in each of the three deliveries ($243). Valid 1/2-1/31. ..More

Shipping on Us on Upper-Level Wine Club Membership Gifts of 3 Months or More from 1/1-1/31.

My Journey to Getting Healthy

Image result for workout clipart

What keeps you motivated when traveling the journey of getting healthy.?

I would like to get healthy for the New Year. Getting healthy can be hard especially when you don’t know where to start. There are so many different types of diets, book, recipes and so much more that can become overbearing and sometime stressful in a way. What are some tips that you can share with me that can help me motivate myself to become a better and healthier me?

Valentine Day is Around the Corner

Look out for my Valentine Decor, snacks & treats and gift ideas here at My Life As A Mom Blog.

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