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Introducing the “NEW” My Life As A Mom Logo

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Editor’s Note

Hello Friends,

December is here, and My Life As A Mom has so much in store to share. I want to start with you guys a piece of brief information about the My Life As A Mom Digest and what’s to come. December is the time where we celebrate the Season Greeting, Christmas, gift giving, and more. I will be discussing on my blog gardening, new recipes, the book of the month and so much more. My Life As A Mom is introducing new things and re-introducing old things back to the blog that I haven’t done in a while. I cannot wait to share what I have in store for you guys. Come join me in My Life As A Mom Blog.

See You There!!!


What to look for?

My Life As A Mom Digest

Check out the “NEW” Art of the month for December

Flower of the Month



Cookbook of the Month

Quotes that you’ll love.

Wines For Every Occasion

Shop here to get some delicious wine.

The California Wine Club

Christmas Song of the Day

Essential oil and wax of the Month


Check out the new planners that MomAgenda has to offer. I love my planners because it keeps me up-to-dated on schedule, work, project motherly duties and so much. Get yours at

Book of the Month

Things To Look For…

Recipes to Love

D. I. Y. Projects

Winter Reading

My Affiliates

Days of the Month

Make-up of the Month

Special Guest Coming Soon in January

Flower of the Month

Favorite Cleaning Products

Introducing Shopping for Christmas

Check out some of my other affiliates that I partner with to get great deals. Look out for my upcoming post coming soon.

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