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The California Wine Club has been delivering quality wines from small family wineries for more than 25 years. Each artisan wine is hand-selected and backed by a 100% guarantee. The California Wine Club delivers to thousands of  members across the country every month, none of whom pay a membership fee. Members have access to personal wine consultants and have the opportunity to learn the rich stories of the wineries, located in the Pacific Northwest and       internationally. With five Wine of the Month club levels from which to choose, members enjoy delicious discoveries. Most members have been with The California Wine Club for more than seven years.

The story of The California Wine Club:

It is one of the first wine club ever to be establish back in 1990. The California wine Club was started to help small family wineries to get their name out and to sell their delicious wines to the community and around the country. Bruce and Pam, the founders of The California Wine Club found out that the best wine were not found in stores to buy.  It became a    mission for Bruce and Pam to seek out the best wines around The  California areas to distribute these incredible handcraft wines to  people who love wine. They started this journey because it was a passion of their and they want to share it with people around the country. They try every different type of wines that come their way and even though all of the wines they get in are delicious they some time has to turn down some of them because they want to make sure that the members of the club get the best wines that they would love and to come back and buy more.

What is your number one best seller?

It all depends on what the members like. The members like a variety of different wines each month. The answer to the question is I don’t have an answer because they’re all great wines. When you think you have found your favorite wine another line of wine comes up and become your new favorite.


Uncorked is a 16 page full color publication of these amazing family winery and the background of how they started, a map of how to get to the winery if you take a trip to California. It has five club level and every month in Uncork you get to read all about the different type of amazing stories of the wineries and the wine that comes from those wineries. They feature in every single club level the different winery in each level like international, Washington, Oregon, and age cabinet.

To learn more about The California Wine Club and all of the wonderful things they are adding into their collections of wines and winery visited:

website: www.cawineclub.com

To check out the rest of the interview watch the video (below)

About the President

Gerri_Lynn Becker President

Prior to taking the helm, Gerri-Lynn served as the COO of The California Wine Club for more than 10 years. She is still the chief organizer and cheerleader for the team. When she is not working with small family wineries to bring in their delicious wines, you can find her at a Spin class, playing at the beach with her two children and husband, or chasing down her escape-artist bunnies.

The interview with the President of The California Wine Club on Apogee Live she explain how there are so many winery that has not got the recognition they deserve that sells delicious wines from their winery. In the interview Gerri, explain how she began at The California Wine Club, the history behind The California Wine Club and so much. Continue to read the article all about the history, the founders, and all of the different types of wines they offer from each of the winery.

Supplies are limited?

Supplies are limited which is good because it give the members a big benefit for the most because most people drink at least drink more than two bottles a month. Member of The California Wine Club can get their first two bottle of wine and figure if they like it or not and when they figure it out that can reorder the bottle of wine and get a fifty percent off the winery retail plus the member get a dollar shipping when ordering. We have a finite cases available and often we sell out very quickly due to that and once it is gone it is gone.

Normally have recipes in the Uncorked catalog?

Every month we always have a pairing suggestions so that our members can be     advised on what type of foods to pair with wines they order. On our blog every single month we post recipes from the winemakers      specifically go to our website at cawineclub.com, on the upper right corner on Uncorked blog as well one that say tips and recipes if you click on that there are gazillion of recipes that can help you pair your favorite wines. When publish recipes in Uncorked it depends on the wines that we are featuring that month which we have 16 pages to fill and our Pacific Northwest series doesn’t ship every month so in a way it fill with recipes because we have oodles and oodles of recipes to from wine makers. So to answer the question yes we have recipes every month and no not every month to be up here in our cart.

Could the affiliates talk about those recipes?

The answer to that question is yes theirs is years and years and years that is worth those recipes on the website that is the affiliate need last minute contents to talk about go to out blog on our website and you will have more content than you will know what to do.

What is the name of your company?

The California Wine Club…Why did we have such a long conversation about that? Because there are other wine clubs out there who have club levels that is called California wine club level and we’re are not just a California wine club we are The California Wine Club so using the apricus key on the word “The” is very important.

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