Baby Shower Invitations

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Hello Friends,

Today I will be talking about Baby Shower invitations. This is one of the most important steps when it comes to baby showers. Invitations is very important because this how your guest is going to know the where’s about of your baby shower as well the time and date of the event.

For great invitations I have two choices for you to choose from the first one is

Basic Invite

Basic Invite has almost unlimited colors to choose from as well as preview those colors on their website. They make sure your special event is shown through the invitation that you choose for your special day. After you select that special color you can choose over 180 different colors to make sure that invitation is exactly what you wanted and dream of for that big day. This is one of the things that set Basic Invite apart and draw in their customer more they make sure that you are part of your dream invitation. Basic Invite also has custom sample where you can order a print and it ships to your door for you to get a good look at it up close to feel the quality and see the quality of the invitation before buying the rest and sending them off to your close friends and family for the upcoming event or party that you are having.

The second one is:


From decorating the nursery to shopping for baby clothes, preparing for a new baby is an exciting occasion. Minted help you make sure that your baby shower has the best and unique invitations for your baby shower. Having the right invitation and designing the right one help make sure that you guest and close friends get the invitation of your dreams. Guest will love the baby shower designs, and the quality to match. But, they also help you celebrate the birth announcement of your bundle of joy when he/she arrive into the world.

Check out their website for great invitations and more…

Foil-pressed Baby Shower Invitations

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