My Life As A Mom Newsletter March

Book of the Month (NEW)

The Cellar

By Natasha Preston

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author of


You’re Be Mine

The Cabin

And many more…

Easter Wreath Making

In March, I will be showing you how to make a beautiful Easter wreath with just a few simple items. Come join me on a fun D.I.Y. project on My Life As A Mom.

Make-up Haul

New Make-up Haul collection coming soon in March.

New Recipes

Check out some new delicious recipes coming in March.

Dr. Seuss Day March 2nd

Sr. Patrick’s Day March 17th

Daylight Saving Time March 10th

Spring Beings March 20

Quela’s Design & Planning


Hello Friends,

Today, I want to share with you coming new ideas and renovation that will happen soon. I am going to renovate my bedroom into something fresh and new. It has been a long time since my bedroom had a refresh and this year I decided to make that my goal. I will be taking yawl on my journey to how I will renovate my room with a choice of colors, new fixtures, curtains, etc. I cannot wait to share with you the ideas I have in store.


What are some ways you create a new found space that you already had?

How did you change the space you used to have to space you always wanted?

What are some of the colors you would recommend to choose from?

“If you are not big enough to lose, you are not big enough to win.”

~Walter Reuther

Upcoming In April
  • April 1st – My Life As A Mom Digest
  • April 5th – Essential Oil of the Month
  • April 7th – Art of the Month
  • April 8th – Book of the Month
  • April 11th – Essential Wax of the Month
  • April 12th – Flower of the Month
  • April 16th – Powerful Prayer
  • April 21st – Easter
  • April 27th – Cookbook of the Month

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