Goodreads(Want to Read) Book Month

Life is never dull for Kristin at the Plaisir De Rouge. She fills her time with accounting formulas, crazy friends and a perpetually shirtless boyfriend, hot enough to melt chocolate with his smile. Now, secrets have been unearthed in the depths of the theater’s basement revealing crime, passion and a few fainthearted friends. To top it off, her boyfriend, Devon has dropped a grenade on their relationship that has her questioning more emotions than a Lifetime Movie.

Add to that a bit of drama with tumbling twins, a stale detective who seems more interested in Kristin than solving a century old mystery and the matriarchal theater owner Maddi being … well Maddi, and it’s enough to drive a girl to drink. Maybe a stiff one is just what Kristin needs to settle her ping-ponging emotions over her relationship with Devon and begin a whole new chapter at the Plaisir De Rouge.



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