DIY Body Scrub


Hey Everyone,

Today I would be sharing with you a new DIY Body Scrub that I made that will make your skin so soft, silky, and smooth. I came across one of my favorite body scrub and thought: ‘Can I make my own body scrub at home that will make my skin very soft as well smell good.’ So today I will be sharing with you the recipe of how to make one of my favorite body scrub.

You only need three items:

  • Epsom Salt (Plain or Scented)
  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Baby oil (optional) If you don’t want to used olive oil

My Thoughts: You can used scented Epson salt which I am using today or you can used plain Epson salt and add some of your favorite essential oil or oils in it. (I will share another post with you soon on the plain Epsom salt and essential oils version 🙂 .) 

Which you see in the picture (below):


The measurement that you would need are:

2 cups of Epsom Salt

1/3 cup of coconut oil

1/2 tbs of olive oil


Mix all of the ingredients into the bowl with the Epsom Salt until it comes together. When it comes together it should look like the picture below.


Put it into a container something similar to the ones (Below)


The containers that you see above I got them at dollar tree and painted them in different colors. Now you don’t have to do that you can just label them the kind of scented Epsom Salt or scented essential oil you used in the Epsom salt whichever is easier for you. I decided to paint mines so the color can match with the scent (If that make sense LOL.)

I hope you enjoyed this blog. See you on my next blog post!!! 🙂








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