Homemade Projects (Sewing)

sewing project in the making

Sewing is a fun hobby to do by yourself, friends, or family. I will be telling you where I bought my fabrics from, where I bought my sewing machine from, as well all of my other materials from. Sewing is a hobby for me I started taking it up  three years ago. I always wanted to take it up for years and two years ago I save up and bought my first sewing machine it wasn’t that expensive. Before I bought my first sewing machine I search for months trying to find the best sewing machine that works for me and hobbies that I wanted to start. I had so many ideas that I wanted to do and make that it had to be the right kind of sewing machine and the right price for my budget.

The sewing machine that I bought is a Sunbeam SB-1800 Compact Sewing Machine 4 Step Button Holes and 12 Stitches Picture (below):sewing machine

To find the right sewing machine for you and you hobby click on this Creative Homemade Projects link  to find the right tools and materials you want.

Some of the things that I like to make with my sewing machine are pillows rather they are small or large. I like to make them for every occasion for the season just to dress up the house and make the house pretty.

There are so much you can do with sewing for example making new things for the living room :





Knowing that you made something yourself is the best feeling to have knowing that you did something from scratch. When sewing you need to know what kind of threads to have and used for your sewing project and needs. There are a different types of threads to used like:



Heavy Duty



and Metallic

Each one of these threads has a benefit to making sure that your sewing project that you made is perfect and come out just the way you imagine it to be.

To check out where I bought my threads from click on the links below:

 Sewing Project    Favorite Thread Store

Some of the things that I like to do when it comes to making things is making sure that I have everything laid out for that project. When I make things I like to make sure that whatever I’m making has the right color thread that goes with the fabric that I am using for that particular project.

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