How to organize a one room situation?





One of my hobbies that I love to do is organizing and finding ways to make more space in a small room. Its hard to keep a room clean when you have a child, but I found ways to keeping my room neat and organize as a mom. For example like mines I share a room with my daughter and sharing a room with that is three year old is a little hard, but I find ways to keep things organize as well find space for my things and her things. Here are some examples that can help you if you are sharing a room with your child or if you just trying to get organize this summer.


  • Small shoe box container – Can be more just for holding shoes and it can keep post cards, letters, important papers, personal items and so much more together.



  • Basket Organizer-  Is a great way to keep clothes, books, cords, printer paper towels, bedding items and so much more.



  • Shoe Rack on the door-  This is one of the ideas I love because I can use the back of my door to hang up my child little shoes and save space in the closet.



  • Big box container- is a another good source to have around the house because you can put anything in them. Like blankets, comforts, sheets, curtains, and so much more in them.



Cube Organizer- is another good way to help organize a room and so much more. You can organize them with books, clothes. shoes, toys, souvenirs, and so much.

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